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the used to be smart crew!

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[14 Apr 2004|08:05pm]

hey guys: )

i just joined this community---it doesn't look active though.

just wanted to say hi: )
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Bleg [02 Dec 2003|08:51am]

[ mood | mellow ]

Just spent about four hours writing the worst paper of my life. Seriously, this thing rambles, cuts corners, makes random assumptions and generally just sucks.

I haven't been to class for awhile, if I don't get good grades my parents will kill me.

I'm also in a remedial algebra class. Funny, I used to be really good at that kind of thing. I demand to know what has been put in my water supply. Oops, late to class and still naked.

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[19 Oct 2003|09:56pm]

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. middle marking period. A's in everything.

88 in math. and its an easy math. prob/stats. rawrr.
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[16 Oct 2003|03:14pm]

how's school going, usedtobesmart-ers?
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[16 Sep 2003|02:09am]

[ mood | amused ]

Wow, this is the coolest community I have ever seen.

College sucks and should die.

I made straight As in math all throughout high school in all the Really Coll Smart Kid Classes.

Got a math test back today!

Teacher says, "If you got less than a 70, you're going to have a lot of trouble."

Yeah, I definitely got a 61.

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[13 Sep 2003|12:46pm]

this is actually against all that usedtobesmart is about but i was allowed to drop my remedial math course and am now able to take math 55: college math which has credits that ACTUALLY COUNT!

i'm so proud of myself.

however, i have a 4 page + essay and i can't write it.
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[06 Sep 2003|08:16am]

school has started so i can post about how dumb i am.

we had a quiz in latin class yesterday and i got 2 questions right.
yeah, that used to be my best subject.
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[20 Aug 2003|06:10pm]

after watching it last night, i think the simpsons episode where lisa believes she is losing her intelligence due to the simpson gene is the simpsons episode most relating to this community. WHY do we need a simpsons episode in relation to this community, you ask? well, you shouldn't be asking cause you should know.
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[12 Aug 2003|01:10am]
Since, somehow, we all lost our intelligence, shouldn't there be a way to gain it back?

I like to believe so.

I now present to you...


#1-Listening to Temple radio (Philadelphia - 90.1FM), also known as National Public Radio. Classical and Jazz, 24/7.

...that's all I have for now. This road back to a reasonable IQ is a long and painful one...

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[08 Aug 2003|11:21pm]

i want everyone to know about how stupid i am! lookie what math i placed into!

MATH 098 Intermediate Algebra (0) (<--- that's NO credit)
Intermediate algebra equivalent to third semester of high school algebra. Instruction provided by community colleges on UW campus. Extra fee required. Replaces MATH 101. Offered: AWSp.
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[08 Aug 2003|11:42am]
hey everyone! i'm new here. school for me starts august 25th so when thats start i'll be posting a lot more about how smart i used to be 2 years ago. really, last year i just got dumb. in 8th grade i would panic if i got a 99, and thank god i'm not that stressed anymore and i lightened up and started having fun my freshmen year of highschool. when i got a 13 on my social studies quizzes' i'd laugh instead of crying. and when i got C's i'd be happy. its a much happier way to live to not be so anal about everything. i like being used to be smart. (if that makes sense).
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[07 Aug 2003|01:31am]

i used to be smart! now i'm in college, and if i get a c, i get so excited. i failed biology, and got d's in calculus (which i have to retake now), and in highschool i got straight a's. spanish was always a breeze, and now i'm getting b's. and that rhymed. i'm that cool. maybe being dumber makes me cooler.


but maybe you get smarter and dumber in waves? my friends and i were talking about this and we were so smart in highschool and now in college we get not so hot grades, but maybe later we'll get better grades. perhaps. oh well, i'm gonna be happy as long as i graduate and get into a vet school or graduate school ...or something. YAY for used to be smart!
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[06 Aug 2003|10:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]


you guys are too cute. the interests "trying not to cheat" & "upset parents" & "college rejection letters" are priceless. you guys rule.

yeah.. i used to be smart too. well, KINDA.
in second grade i joined the "gifted & talented" class because i was extremely creative. somehow this outweighed my mediocre grades, horrible spelling & lack of understanding in math/science/history/grammar. so i did that gt thing for awhile, but since i hit highschool it's been total & complete degeneration. my vocabulary is that of a valleygirl [ "dude", "totally", "like" & "OMG" are favorite phrases of mine ]
& my intellect doesnt go much further.

dUm kyDz h0llA bacK!

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[06 Aug 2003|10:50pm]

i used to be really smart. kids would call me "the braniac" and "the genius". the school system considered me gifted and talented, and i won lots of awards. somewhere around 6th grade, math started to bring me down, and i failed my first test with a 50. one kid said, "wow, she's really smart and she got a 50! that must have been so hard!"
i've always been placed in the highest classes until high school. i barely make honors anymore.

now, people only think i'm smart because i'm not popular and i wear glasses. heh.
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[06 Aug 2003|10:47pm]

between my 370 on the math part of the sats, my 'basic performance' score on math on pssas, having to take an academic support class to help me pass the math part of the pssas, having to take a sylvan course for help w/the math sats, AND getting a 68 on my math final.

well i am just really dumb in math. and i had 90's all year in the class. go figure.
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[06 Aug 2003|10:40pm]

[ mood | silly. ]

most people would say i'm a smart chick, but i beg to differ. high school completely lowered my intelligence. i almost failed physics class senior year. by the time i graduated, any grade above a 75 was amazing to me. i'm smart but not in that book-smart kind of way, in that "random factoids about pop culture shit" kind of way.

proving my intelligence diminished - i went from ap calculus class to math 15, temple's remedial prealgebra class for freshmen.

i just love to joke around about this kind of stuff in a fun way!

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[06 Aug 2003|10:05pm]
I can never say that I was ever "intelligent".

My mom used to play classical music & Johnny Mathis while I was in the womb, so I guess this means I had some sort of intelligence then. It all dissappeared when I fell out and hit my head...or...something....

...wanna go ride bikes?
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